Promote your Organization and stay in touch with your members
essential for growth of any organization
essential for growth of any organization

Automate and optimize your marketing efforts

Take your marketing to new heights with email automation, analytics, lead generation, customer service, knowledge bases, inbound marketing tools, lead management, and traffic monitors all from one platform.

Make your marketing efforts count

Are you getting the word out? Communication is key to keep and attract new members

Email Marketing
Social Media Module
Statistics & Analytics
Lead Generation
Landing Page Creation
Call to Action Tools
Valuable Blog Posts
News Article Feed
Customer Surveys/Polls
Modules to boost your exposure
Modules to boost your exposure

Use Freedom to connect with your audience and gain important insights

  • Email Marketing and Drip Campaigns
    create and schedule campaigns, manage lists and subscribers, view analytics
  • Social Media Module
    integrate social media platforms, generate posts, allow followers to share info
  • Custom Blog and News Article Posting
    publish content, include images and video, schedule release dates, add tags
  • Lead Generation & Calls to Action
    personalize interaction, nurture high value prospects and automatically interact via email

Video Tour of Freedom Software

See how 立博客户端app下载 Freedom can help you become Marketing specialists

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Propel your marketing endeavors to new heights

With Freedom Marketing Automation Platform you'll be able to...

  • Send email campaigns to your segmented lists

    Our powerful email marketing platform allows you to develop productive campaigns and reach thousands of people with the click of a button.

  • Build landing pages that generate leads

    Create custom landing pages for your specific audiences & campaigns. Each page can have unique forms, calls to action, and sections to help you generate leads and convert them to sales.

  • Harness the power of Google Analytics

    Track your website and marketing statistics from Google Analytics. The data is conveniently summarized inside of Freedom Software and displayed on a dashboard.

立博客户端app下载 Freedom Marketing Automation Tools

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